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Animals as a Disability-Related Accommodation - Summary


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Animals on Campus as a Disability-Related Accommodation - Summary

Guidelines for Service and Emotional Support/Therapy/Assistance Animals on Campus (full text)

  • A request for an emotional support/therapy/assistance animal on campus must be initiated by the student registering for disability accommodations with the Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC). Under no circumstances may an emotional support/therapy/assistance animal be brought into a residence hall without the approval of the accommodation by the ASAC.
  • Students request accommodations through a three-step registration process.
  • Generally, emotional support/therapy/assistance animals are only permitted as a disability accommodation in an individual's university residence. The animal must be necessary in order to provide the student with a disability the use and enjoyment of the residence. However, requests for accommodations beyond the residence halls will be considered and assessed on a case-by-case basis by the ASAC.
  • There is no deadline for making a request for an emotional support/therapy/assistance animal. Please note that the length of the registration process may vary depending on the complexity of the request. Students are encouraged to begin the process at least four weeks in advance of the date they are requesting to bring an animal to campus.
  • If the request for an emotional support/therapy/assistance animal is approved by the ASAC, the student must:
    1. provide proof of compliance with licensing requirements for the animal (see guidelines)
    2. confirm an understanding of the guidelines by signing the statement of "Responsibility of a Person with an Emotional Support/Therapy/Assistance Animal."
  • If the request is approved, the ASAC will provide the student with a letter of accommodation which will specifically state that the animal has been approved as an accommodation and where the animal is permitted on campus. The student should retain the letter to provide as proof of approval of the accommodation.
  • If an animal is approved for a residence hall, the ASAC will notify the housing office. The housing office will notify the other residents of the floor or community where the student resides.
  • Approval of a request for an emotional support/therapy/assistance animal as a disability-related accommodation will be for the current academic year. The request will need to be renewed annually.