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Dear AU Faculty:

DSS provides consultation and in-service training for faculty to help establish a campus environment that is welcoming to all. Specific faculty services include:

  • Verifying student registration with DSS and identifying appropriate classroom accommodations
  • Arranging specialized accommodations for examinations (e.g., proctors, adaptive equipment, scribes)
  • Clarifying student and faculty roles and responsibilities in the accommodation process

Disability Support Services (DSS) and its program are here to assist students in gaining equal access to all AU services; classes, and events. DSS is one of two offices on campus with staff that have specialized knowledge and experience in disability issues. Services are open to any student with a physical, medical, sensory, learning, or psychological disability. The Academic Support Center (ASC) is the other office on campus that provides support services for students with learning disabilities and ADHD. Both offices maintain information about a student's disability through written records and staff contact.

Disability Support Services advises administration on policies and procedures relevant to students with disabilities and acts as a general information and referral service for disability – related issues. The office strives to educate individuals regarding the abilities and needs of persons with disabilities through coordination of programs and involvement in activities on disability – related issues. DSS also provides training for faculty to increase the understanding of the needs of persons with disabilities.

We look forward to working with you!

The Staff of Disability Support Services