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Academic Support & Access Center

Registering with the ASAC and Requesting Accommodations for the First Time

The Three-Step Process

Registering for disability-related accommodations at the ASAC is a three-step process:

Step 1. Submit documentation of your disability. See guidelines below. (Documentation may be uploaded as part of Step 2.)

Step 2. Complete and return the Student Accommodations Questionnaire (SAQ).

Step 3. Call 202-885-3360 to schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss your requested accommodations.

Documentation Guidelines

If you have a disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities, you may be eligible for disability-related accommodations. To determine eligibility, we will need, from an appropriate, licensed health care professional, comprehensive and relevant documentation that explains the impact of your disability and makes a recommendation for accommodation.

For disabilities including ADHD, autism spectrum, hearing, medical/chronic illness, neurological, physical, psychological, sensory, speech/language, traumatic brain injury, and vision, the Documentation Guidlines for Requesting Disabiity-Related Accommodations describes in detail the information necessary to support a request for academic accommodations. Included with the guidelines is a form that can be used by your provider to assist in making sure we have the information we need to consider the request.

A current psychoeducational or neuropsychological report is strongly encouraged to document a learning disability. The Documentation Guidelines for Requesting Accommodations for Learning Disabilities describes in detail the information we need to support a request for academic accommodations.

To request accommodations for a temporary injury, such as a broken limb, please schedule an appointment with an ASAC counselor.

If you wish to request disability-related housing accommodations, you must:

- follow the ASAC three-step process,

- submit documentation that specifically addresses the disability-related housing accommodation being requested,

- submit the Disability-Related Housing Accommodation Request Form, and

- participate in the general housing application process through Housing & Dining Programs (HDP) and meet all HDP deadlines.

Click here for more information about the process to request disability-related housing accommodations.

If you wish to request a disability-related accommodation due to a food allergy that substantially limits major life activities, you must follow the ASAC three-step process and meet with Dining Services' licensed, registered dietician. Detailed information about this process and guidelines for the documentation needed to support your request can be found at Food Allergy Accommodations for Students.

Emotional Support / Therapy / Assistance Animals may be approved as a disability-related housing accommodation with appropriate documentation, specifically a letter from a licensed professional who is familiar with your disability and explains why the animal is necessary for you to live in the residence hall. Detailed information about this process and guidelines for the documentation needed to support your request can be found at: Animals on CampusDocuments certifying the animal as an Emotional Support/ Therapy / Assistance Animal are not sufficient to support such requests.

If you use a service animal (a dog or miniature horse trained to perform specific tasks related to your disability), we encourage you to register the presences of your animal, but registering a service animal is not required.

If you are an incoming undergraduate, either freshman or transfer, you must take the math placement test. You will not be eligible to register for classes until you have taken the math placement test.

To request disability accommodations, such as extended time, for this test, see Requesting Accommodations on the Math Placement Test.

General information about the Math Placement Test can be found here on the Math & Stat Department website.