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Services for International Students in the ASAC


The Academic Support and Access Center has several resources available to international and multilingual students, including individual instruction, group study skills workshops, tutor referrals, and writing support. 

Individual Instruction

The Academic Support and Access Center has a counselor who works specifically with international students to help them gain the necessary skills for success at AU. Students can meet with the counselor for international students for individual instruction in academic skill areas and to ease the transition to academic culture in the United States. Topics may include time management, textbook reading, note taking, classroom presentations, and preparation for exams, as well as adapting to higher education in the U.S., both in and out of the classroom. Appointments can be made in person in Mary Graydon Center 243 or by calling 202-885-3360.

Workshop Series

A variety of workshops are offered each semester by Academic Support and Access Center staff, including writing workshops for international students. A workshop schedule is available online and in the ASAC office.

Tutor Referrals

The ASAC counselor for international students can make referrals for peer tutors in specific course content or professional tutors in English language study. Students are responsible for all tutorial fees, which may vary based on the tutor's teaching experience. Course content tutors are peer students with expertise in specific academic disciplines who charge a modest fee per hour ($11 - $13). The Tutoring Services coordinator can provide referrals for peer tutors. Tutor request forms are available online and in the ASAC office.

Writing Support

The Academic Support and Access Center's Writing Lab offers over 80 hours of appointments weekly with writing counselors who are specially trained to work with non-native English-speaking students. Students can sign up online for one or two sessions per week in Mary Graydon Center 243.