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Leadership Development

Student-Athlete Support Program

The Student-Athlete Support Program, in conjunction with the American University Athletic Department, is committed to leadership development throughout a student-athlete’s career at American University.

As part of a Patriot League initiative, the Student-Athlete Support Program began a Leadership Development Series in the spring of 2012. The series is a requirement for sophomore student-athletes and new transfer athletes, as part of the life skills curriculum offered by the Academic Support Program.

The Leadership Development Series focused on 4 topics: personal strengths, qualities of leadership, types of leadership, and emotional intelligence, with the goal of helping athletes to develop both individual leadership skills and interpersonal relationship skills.

Other leadership development programming includes leadership coaching through TALONS, team summer book clubs, guest speaker series, and one on one development from coaches, athletic administration, and Student-Athlete Support Program staff.

For More Information:

Student-Athlete Support Program
Bender Arena, Room 206
Hours: Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00 pm

Ashley Rozendaal
Program Director, Student-Athlete Academic & Life Skills Support, ASAC

Spencer Bonahoom
Academic & Life Skills Counselor for Student-Athletes

Erin Saunders
Academic Support Counselor, Student-Athletes