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Academic Support & Access Center

Requesting A Disability-Related Housing Accommodation

American University is committed to ensuring access to university programs and activities for all qualified students with disabilities. Please note the following: 

1. a request for a disability-related housing accommodation must be initiated through the ASAC; and

2. a student requesting a disability-related housing accommodation must also participate in the general housing application process through Housing and Dining Programs (HDP).  Documentation for a disability-related housing request consists of an evaluation by a qualified professional that relates the current impact of the impairment to the request and describes how the accommodation is necessary to provide access.

Decisions on requests will be made after review of the submitted documentation, the student’s self-report (SAQ), the Disability-Related Housing Accommodation Request Form and after the student has met with an ASAC staff member, either in person or by telephone.

Some examples of accommodations that American University may provide include: visual fire alarm; electronic door; accessibility features in room, bathroom, or common area; and proximity to an elevator. Because of numerous locations on campus that are available for reduced-distraction study space, housing accommodations are not generally provided for academic-related needs. Students requesting an accommodation for time management reasons are encouraged to utilize skill-building workshops and services at the ASAC. We cannot guarantee an allergen-free or quiet living environment. First year students have a high chance of being placed in a triple room. Residence halls, by nature, are a communal living experience. Students are encouraged, but not required, to live on campus.


Due to heavy demand for on-campus housing, you must adhere to all housing application deadlines advertised by HDP. The earliest possible communication with the ASAC about your accommodation needs is encouraged. Failure to meet the ASAC deadlines may seriously impact the availability of rooms for assignment that will meet your disability accommodation needs.


Receiving accommodations for housing does not mean that you are eligible to receive accommodations in your classes. The request for academic accommodations must be made separately by meeting with an ASAC counselor. If necessary, the ASAC counselor may request additional documentation in support of your request. Please see the ASAC website for complete information about the three-step process for registering with the ASAC.

Information and records regarding disability-related needs are treated as confidential under applicable federal and state laws as well as university policies and are only provided to individuals on a need-to-know basis.

Disability-Related Housing Accommodation Request Form

Please fill out all fields and answer all questions with detailed information.

List any preferred roommate names and AU email addresses.

By clicking “Submit,” I certify that the above statements are correct, and I authorize American University/the Academic Support and Access Center to speak with the professional who has completed the documentation in support of my request, if necessary. I also give permission to the ASAC to disclose information as necessary to Housing & Dining Programs (HDP) in determining an appropriate room assignment.