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Meet the SI leaders


  Charles Merrick is a Senior Economics major in the College of
  Arts and Sciences and is from Great Britain. Charles is willing
  to supply all demand in the market for words that sound
  cooler in a British accent and enjoys public speaking, acting, and being paid to attend Economics classes. This semester, he is a Supplemental Instruction Leader for Microeconomics, after having supported a Macroeconomics course in Spring 2012. Charles enjoys getting involved in plays and working on ATV.



  Hannah is currently a Junior, studying Physics and
  Japanese. She has been a lifelong lover of stars and plans
  on pursuing a career in astrophysics in Japan. Her passion for
  astronomy and her experiences as the Physics Department's Lab Technician has prepared her to be a capable SI leader for Astronomy.


  Jenn is a Senior with a major in Physics and a minor in
  International Studies. She has always had a fascination with
  why things are they way they are, and found her passion in
  Physics. Jenn has always had a love of learning and finds much joy in helping others become excited about learning something new as well. When not working on homework, she can be found volunteering in the Public Observatory at the Air and Space Museum (helping people become interested in space!) or working at Starbucks.


Sarah Y.

  Sarah is currently a junior, majoring in Psychology and
  Business Administration. This is her first semester working as
  an SI leader for Managerial Accounting. As a CAS student she
  knows that Accounting does not come naturally to all people, so she hopes to foster an increased appreciation of T-accounts and costing processes through her SI sessions.


  Jeremy is a junior in the Kogod School of Business with a
  major in Accounting and a minor in Economics. This is his first
  semester as an SI for Financial Accounting. Outside of being
  an SI Leader, Jeremy is a member of the AU Bender Library staff and a passionate New York sports fan. Upon graduation, he hopes to sit for the CPA exam and to work at one of the Big Four Accounting Firms. 



  Matt is currently a Sophomore in the College of Arts and
  Sciences deciding between Chemistry or Biochemistry.
  This is his first semester as an SI leader for Applied Calculus I.
  After taking a multitude of math classes over his academic career, Matt is looking forward to imparting integral calculus skills on fellow students. Matt enjoys nerdy video games, Japanese comics, and as the founding member of American University’s Dumbledore’s Army, arguing over who would win in a war between Muggles and the Wizarding world.



  Becky is a junior pursuing a Mathematics and Economics
  degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. This is her
  second semester as an SI Leader for Basic statistics. Outside
  of being an SI Leader, you can find her on the volleyball court with the AU Women's Club Volleyball team. She hopes to help students learn how applicable statistics is to almost every area of study.



  Anjali Mehta is a second year Global Scholar majoring in
  International Development in the School of International
  Service and minoring in Economics. This is her first year as
  an SI for Microeconomics, which is very surprising considering that until this time last year, she wanted nothing to do with the subject! In her free time, she loves to dance, read, travel, and sing loudly in the shower.


  David is a sophomore majoring in Math and Economics
  and a first-year Supplemental Instruction Leader
  for Macroeconomics. Before becoming an SI, he spent
  a year tutoring in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Statistics. Outside of SI, David is involved in AU's Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity (Treasurer) and has been a singer in both AU Chamber Singers and Metro Memorial Chancel Choir. David spends his free time reading books and writing music.


  Ben Derby is a Junior studying Physics, with a minor in
  Economics and Mathematics. The ability to tinker with our
  natural world is the real reason he became a Physics major
  with an interest in pursuing materials science. His love of sharing his learned science and math with others is what inspired his becoming an SI leader for calculus-based physics. Always remember: Physics is Phun!



  Jonathan B. is a Junior majoring in International Studies and
  Accounting. As a first-year supplemental instructor in
  Managerial Accounting, he hopes to help students
  understand the conceptual frameworks of Managerial Accounting and is happy to share his passion for Accounting. Outside of the SI Program, Jonathan is involved in Phi Sigma Pi, serves as the VP of Professional Development for the Kogod Accounting Club, a member of the Student Honors Board, a member of the AU Conduct Council, and as an AU Ambassador.


Quinn is a second year student pursuing a degree in Public Health and a minor in Biochemistry as a premedical student. A first-year Supplemental Instruction Leader for Organic Chemistry, Quinn is in her element, periodically helping students with bonds, electrons and reactions! She is involved with all kinds of activities on campus, including AU Ambassadors, Alpha Phi Omega, the community service fraternity, and the Women’s Club Volleyball Team.


Sarah B.

Sarah is currently a Junior, majoring in Psychology and Business Administration. This is her first semester working as an SI leader for managerial accounting. As a CAS student she knows that accounting does not come naturally to all people, so she hopes to foster an increased appreciation of T-accounts and costing processes through her review sessions.


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