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Meet the SI leaders

Alma (ACCT 240)

Alma is currently a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor's in Accounting. It was because of her Financial Accounting class in freshman year that she decided to major in accounting. After having a great SI during her accounting class she decided to try it out. This is her first semester as an SI and she is very excited to share her love for accounting and make everyone feel confident when learning a difficult subject like accounting.

Jordan (ACCT 240)

Jordan is currently a junior in the Kogod School of Business, majoring in accounting. This is Jordan’s first semester as a Supplemental Instructor, but he hopes to help make accounting more accessible to everyone. His financial accounting class motivated him to pursue a degree in accounting, and he hopes to inspire a similar feeling in others.

Irini (ACCT 240)

Irini is currently a junior pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Finance. This is her first semester as an SI leader for Financial Accounting, and she can't wait to share her love for accounting with her students. Irini aims to inspire students to become actively engaged in and outside of the classroom.

Taylor (ACCT 241)

Taylor is a junior majoring in Accounting with a minor in Marketing. She entered AU in SIS, but quickly realized that Kogod was where she wanted to be. Her passion for accounting partly stems from her own SI's guidance and expertise when she took the class, along with her love for numbers and mathematics. Now, she is an SI for Managerial Accounting and loves knowing that she's helping people understand what she enjoys so much.

Thayer (ACCT 241)

Thayer is a junior studying Business Administration with specializations in Management, Marketing, and Accounting. He has always wanted to own his own business, which has driven him to explore every branch of the business field. He became an SI leader for managerial accounting because he wanted to help other students understand this important subject and maybe even find a career in it.

Kavya (ECON 100)

Kavya is currently a sophomore, majoring in CLEG and minoring in SIS. She has been tutoring Economics for 3 years, and has worked at the Academic Support and Access Center for a year now. She was an intern at the FDA working on economic and budget analysis and is currently a research assistant working with economic aspects of the non-profit sector. Kavya loves economics and looks forward to supporting courses at American University as an SI!

Andrew (ECON 100)

Andrew is a sophomore studying Political Science and Economics. He is a lover of the free market and believes that all political conflict derives from economics. Andrew joined SI to mentor students and to practice communicating complex theorems, two skills that will assist him in his political aspirations. Also, he enjoys the additional funding for tuition, because there's no such thing as a free lunch!

Matt (Chemistry 110)

Matt is currently a Junior Biochemistry major in the College of Arts and Sciences. This is his fourth semester as an SI leader, third for chemistry. Being the science nerd he is, Matt enjoys making chemistry less scary and more fun and exciting for people. Besides working in the chemistry labs here at AU, Matt enjoys video game parties with his friends, ruining movie science for his friends, and Japanese comics. Matt is currently the secretary of the Student Historical Society. He still isn't quite sure how he won the election for that position but he thinks it has to do with running unopposed.

Philip (Chem 110)

Phillip is a sophomore majoring in Biology. Though he never thought it would be his intention, Philip has been exploring the possibility of going into education, specifically high school or college level. This is his first year as an SI but the "teaching" experience is a great place to start. He knows Chemistry can be tough, so he uses his loose attitude and sense of humor to make it less intimidating for new students. In his free time that happens to be all too sparse, Philip likes to make his friends laugh and hole up in his room and play video games. 

David (Chem 310)

David is a junior studying Biology, on the Pre-Medical track, in the College of Arts and Sciences. This is David's first semester as the SI leader for organic chemistry. After having a great SI leader for his organic chemistry class, he is excited to take the reins and continue helping students out with their "chemical" frustrations.

Halle (PHYS 105)

Halle is a senior majoring in Physics. She loves studying how physics governs the world we live and hopes to spread this love with other students! She gets her energy from working and hanging out with her peers and truly enjoys her time spent as an SI leader. 

Tabatha (PHYS 110)

Tabatha is a senior studying Math and Economics with a minor in computer science. Her dream of environmental sustainability led her to study the financing of energy technology as the solution. She believes that in order to understand the technology, she has to understand the science behind it and branched put to physics and computer science to fill in the gaps in her knowledge. She became an SI leader in physics because she understands the struggle of learning outside of your field.

Graeme (PHYS 220)

Graeme is a senior studying Physics with minors in Communications and Graphic Design. He became a physics major to explore and try to understand the universe around him. He is also, however, interested in photography and visual media, especially photojournalism and documentary photography. He has always enjoyed teaching which pushed him ti be the SI leader for Astronomy - the class that initially made him want to be a physics major.

Mary (STAT 202)

Mary is currently a sophomore, majoring in Public Health. This is her first semester working as an SI leader for Statistics, and she is very excited to help students with the subject. She hopes to pursue a career in Global Health, a field that depends heavily on data analysis and statistics. As an SI leader, Mary plans to create connections between the material and statistics in everyday life, and to encourage collaborative learning during the sessions.

Interested in Becoming an SI Leader?

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