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Technology for Academic Support

There are a number of technologies that can help students better perform common college tasks such as time management, note taking, studying for tests, and writing papers. Below are a few of these apps. This isn’t an endorsement of the technologies listed below, but rather a list to get you started on exploring technology that can help you excel. Click on the icons below to go to the technology’s website.


ASAC Evernote logo

Evernote acts as a digital organizer and notebook in the cloud.

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ASAC Endnote logo

Endnote is great for managing your research articles and citations.

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Google Calendar

ASAC Google Calendar logo

Keep track of all of your life’s important events with Google Calendar.

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Google Drive

ASAC Google Drive logo

Google Drive gives you collaborative cloud document creation and storage.

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Evernote Peek

ASAC Evernote Peek logo

Turn your Evernote notes into study materials with Evernote Peek.

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ASAC Dropbox logo

Transfer and store files in the cloud with Dropbox.

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ASAC Dragon logo

If you prefer speaking over writing, Dragon can dictate your speech into any type of program.

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ASAC Penultimate logo

Penultimate is a top rated handwriting app for the iPad.

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Tablets are rapidly replacing laptops and paper planners as the "go to" mobile device for college students, as well as working professionals. They’re great devices for reading digital textbooks and journal articles, note taking, and document creation or editing, and come with a great set of starter apps that are geared toward time and life management. Each of these tablets have an app store where you can purchase more apps to add to the pre-installed set. A few of the consistently top rated tablets follow:

Amazon Kindle Fire

ASAC Amazon Kindle Fire logo

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Galaxy Note Tablet 10.1

ASAC Galaxy Note Tablet

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Microsoft Surface Pro

ASAC Microsoft Surface logo

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