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Academic Support & Access Center

Meet the Writing Lab Counselors

Our writing counselors are experienced and trained to work with all AU students, including those with learning disabilities or ADHD, as well as students for whom English is not a native language.

Josephine B.

Josephine is a native of upstate New York who earned a bachelor degree in Global Studies with minors in English Literature and Italian from Rider University. She is currently pursuing an MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at American's School of International Service. She worked as a writing tutor in undergrad and privately tutored American History and Italian. Although her true passion is literature (and literary analysis) she has experience with history, gender studies, international politics classes and related research papers. As a previous D1 student athlete (cross country and track) she also enjoys discussing time management struggles and strategies.


Jesse W.

Jesse is a graduate student pursuing an MA in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs. He graduated from Bridgewater College in 2014 and majored in English and Philosophy/Religion. Originally from Maryland, Jesse spent the following year volunteering at a food pantry in Portland, Oregon. He eventually moved to DC to work for a faith-based nonprofit and had an advocacy portfolio ranging from mass incarceration to the Syrian refugee crisis. 


Abby R.

A true East Tennessean at heart, Abby is a second year SIS major in the Global Scholars program and Arabic minor with a passion for writing, seeing new places, and refugee issues. She’s been helping classmates edit papers her whole life, but now she works with freshmen students in the College Writing program. Because she was a freshman just last year, she is happy to talk about adjusting to college life and the new work strategies needed to cope. She also TAs in the history department at AU and waitresses at IHOP. She is so excited to work with you!


Cathy H.

An equestrian and aspiring economist, Catherine is a first year PhD student hailing from Virginia Beach. She completed her undergraduate work in business and economics at Hollins University in 2014. From there she ventured south to Florida to work in the corporatocracy before returning to further her academic pursuits. While attending Hollins, Catherine worked as a peer writing counselor for three years, tutoring across almost all the disciplines that the liberal arts school has to offer. She has a particular proclivity for research, earning recognition both from Hollins and the Virginia Social Science Association for her work. Beyond academia, she enjoys horseback riding, theater, film, and vegetarian cuisine.


Nate E.

A small town kid from Southwestern Pennsylvania, Nate is a junior at American University pursuing a dual degree in Economics and History. His academic interests cover a variety of issues, so he will be more than excited to work with whatever topic you are passionate about. He understands the expectations of College Writing courses and has helped students through all stages of the writing process. In his spare time, Nate is an avid runner, biker, and swimmer who loves the outdoors. Stop in to talk about your paper, craft a plan, and hopefully make writing little less stressful and a little more fun!

Willem O.

Willem is currently in his second year of the Masters of Public Administration program with a concentration of International Management. A native South African, and only a DC resident since last year, he lived in North Carolina since he was 5 and got his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Appalachian State University in 2015. Along with being Scholarship chair for 2 years for his Fraternity, he has also worked before as a tutor at Kumon Math and Reading Program in both North Carolina and Florida.


Rebecca N-S.

Rebecca was born in Guatemala, but spent most of her formative years living in Mexico, Venezuela, and Texas before settling in Tucson, Arizona, with her family. A graduate from the University of Arizona, Rebecca majored in English Literature with minors in Spanish and Classics. Upon graduation, she traveled extensively and lived in the Czech Republic teaching English as a Second Language. Although she will always have a special affinity for literary analysis, Rebecca is also interested in art history, foreign languages, psychology, gender studies, and philosophy. Having just relocated to the D.C. area this fall, she is excited to explore the city’s endless museums, restaurants, and community events.