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Study Success Skills

Comprehensive resources 

These websites contain miscellaneous resources that go from study skills videos and workshops, to lessons and training modules.

MIT Open Course Support

A Roadmap to Success: Interactive Workshops Series

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What type of learner are you?

Take an online learning style assessment to help develop your study habits.

Learning Style Assessment

What are the best study strategies for you?

Assess your study skills strengths and weaknesses.

Study Skills Assessment



Too much reading, too little time! What do you really need to read and how? How do you need to organize your reading time and your reading material? Check the experts’ advice.

Owl reading

Watch this Video on How to Be an Active Reader and Retain More

Reading Textbooks+Organizing Content=Saving Time: Video

Reading and Annotating Texts: Training Module. Step by Step Strategies

Professor Cal Newport’s Tips on Effective Reading

Stress management

Stress is the enemy of success. Learn how to conquer it during your college years.

Stress Management

Learn Techniques and Strategies on How to Manage Stress (Video)

How to Get Enough sleep: Hear fro Students and Experts

Writing Resources

Access resources that will help you improve your writing skills, from grammar to citations, from planning your paper to editing your drafts and more.

Girl typing on a computer

Writing Resources