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Disability Related Accommodations and Academic Support

As a faculty member, you are encouraged to give notice to students with disabilities about requesting disability-related accommodations. Access for students with disabilities begins with using universal design in instruction in the classroom. This includes having closed captioning on all videos, providing materials that can be accessed by screen-reading software, and assessing students’ knowledge in a variety of methods. In addition to this, some students may require testing or classroom accommodations. Examples of some more typical accommodations include, extended time for testing, use of laptop or peer note taker for taking notes, use of a computer for all written work and alternate format of texts.

If a student wishes to request disability-related accommodations, he or she does so by registering with the Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC). Once the registration process is complete and appropriate accommodations are determined, a letter of accommodations is given to the student. The student is responsible for delivering the letter to his or her professors. Professors should not provide disability-related accommodations in the absence of a letter from the ASAC. Additionally, accommodations are not retroactive, so early disclosure is to be strongly encouraged.

Please include the following notice in your syllabus, which informs students with disabilities how to appropriately request accommodations through the Academic Support and Access Center:

Students with Disabilities

If you wish to receive accommodations for a disability, please notify me with a letter from the Academic Support and Access Center. As accommodations are not retroactive, timely notification at the beginning of the semester, if possible, is strongly recommended. To register with a disability or for questions about disability accommodations, contact the Academic Support and Access Center at 202-885-3360 or

If you would like to let students know about the academic support resources available at AU, please consider including the following statement in your syllabus:

Academic Support

In addition to meeting with me and using the resources available in this department, all students may take advantage of the Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) for individual academic counseling, skills workshops, tutor referrals, Supplemental Instruction, and Writing Lab appointments. The ASAC is located in Mary Graydon Center 243.  Additional resources that may be beneficial in this class include the Bender Library, the Writing Center in the Department of Literature, the Math Lab in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, and Office of Information Technology.