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Why tutoring works: a tutor’s perspective

Two students in a tutoring session

Gretchen is a sophomore majoring in International Studies and Economics. At the Tutoring Lab, she tutor students in Introduction to Microeconomics (ECON 200).

Microeconomics is a required class for many first year students, and it is often taught in a large lecture class. Students come to the Tutoring Lab to get questions answered about class material, prepare for exams, or clarify course concepts. As a tutor, I enjoy the challenge of finding a variety of ways to teach economics so that each student I work with leaves the session feeling as though they really understand the material and can apply the concepts in order to solve problems on their own. One of my favorite parts of a tutoring session is watching the information finally “click” for a student. Once the student figures out that they understand the material and can do the problems on their own, it gives them a huge boost of confidence to do well on the exam and in the class as a whole. As a first year student, I remember being very apprehensive and nervous about my first economics class, but learned to love it. I hope the students I work with will at least come to appreciate some aspects of economics, and gain the skills and confidence they need to have success throughout introductory economics and the many courses to come in their college careers.