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Fall 2013 Dialogue Groups

In Fall 2013; we are pleased to offer three distinct dialogue groups to the AU community. No prior background on dialogue is necessary and everyone is eligible to participate. Each dialogue group typically has 8-10 participants from a diverse range of backgrounds, identities, and experiences. Dialogue facilitators are trained and advised by AU staff and faculty. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply. Questions can be directed to

Click on the title of the dialogue to see the informational flyer.

A Military- Civilian Dialogue: Issues that Divide, Ties that Bind
Wednesdays from 5:30-8pm
Group Begins on October 2nd and meets weekly for 4-weeks

How have military-civilian relations affected your experiences at AU, in the workforce, and in daily life? What are the stereotypes that persist between these groups? How can we build trust and strengthen ties? This dialogue will be comprised of AU military members, veterans, dependents, and civilians and aims to create a safe and open space for engaging these questions. This is not an academic debate, rather a dialogue around each participant’s experiences and background.

Gender in Society: The Influence of Gender on Daily Life
Mondays from 5:30-8pm
Group Begins on September 30th and meets weekly for 6-weeks

What impact does your gender have on your life? Do you define it, or does it define you? How does gender affect interactions in your social, personal, and professional life? This dialogue aims to create a safe and open space to explore these questions and how gender shapes our daily lives. We welcome participants of ALL gender identities.

A Dialogue on Race
Thursdays from 5:30-8pm
Group Begins on October 3rd and meets weekly for 6-weeks

The title and description for our dialogue group focusing on Race will be up shortly. Please check back soon.

Participate in a Dialogue

Individuals who are interested in participating in a dialogue group should fill out the application on our website. Hardcopies can be dropped off at MGC 202 or SIS 260. Electronic copies and questions can be emailed to

Applications are due by Friday September 20th.

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