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The application deadline is extended to 12pm on September 19. Email applications to or stop by MGC 201/202 or SIS 214 to turn in a hard copy. Applications can be left under the door if the office is closed.

Intergroup Dialogue at AU

Individuals who dialogue listen to understand, rather than debate to prove a point or persuade others. There is no winner, as the motive for dialogue is to learn, collaborate, and create new and shared deeper understanding both of yourself and others.

The purpose of Intergroup Dialogue at American University is to heal divisions, create new knowledge, build community, and promote civic engagement. We strive to identify and respond to issues that matter to members of our local and global community by creating a constructive space for dialogue at American University.

What is "dialogue"? Dialogue is a mechanism to have an open and honest conversation with people different or similar from yourself and/or those who you may never have previously interacted with before. It is a way to realize both a deeper level of understanding of yourself and those different from you. Through guided conversations, people from different backgrounds speak from their own experiences and exchange ideas with others.

Ways to Get Involved

All individuals in the AU community are welcome to participate in the Intergroup Dialogue program or to study dialogue on campus.

* Participate in a dialogue: Dialogue groups begin the week of September 29th. Fall 2014 topics will focus on five major identity-areas including, interfaith/faith in public life, military/civilian relations, class and privilege, Israeli/Palestinian, and community service and privilege. Applications are due by September 17th to
* Be a dialogue facilitator: Individuals who have participated in a dialogue group, have received dialogue background from their collegiate or professional experiences, or have taken dialogue courses may be qualified to be a facilitator. Learn more here.
* Enroll in the Master's level dialogue course, Dialogue: Approaches and Applications (SIS 619)

Questions can be directly to

Connect with Tracey

Tracey Livingston manages the Intergroup Dialogue program. Interested students, faculty, staff, and alumni should connect with her to find out how to be involved.

Connect with Tracey