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Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Queer Talk

Queer Talk is CDI's LGBTQ Peer Advising and Conversations Program. Either through one-on-one communication or group conversations, Queer Talk allows students to talk with other students about LGBTQ identities, issues, or questions. Peer advising and the group conversations are facilitated by the CDI LGBTQ Peer Educators.

CDI - LGBT History Month 2012

Do you have questions for one of our LGBTQ Peer Educators? Are you a current or prospective student who has questions about the university, LGBTQA life on campus, or life in the city? Did you see one of our Rainbow Speakers Bureau panels and have more questions or want to talk with one of our LGBTQ Peer Educators? Anyway, if you have questions about LGBTQ life or the LGBTQ community, request to speak to one our CDI LGBTQ Peer Educators below.