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Center for Diversity & Inclusion

LGBTQ Peer Educators

Looking for an LGBTQ leadership opportunity?  

Want to help educate the AU community on LGBTQ identities?

The LGBTQ Peer Educators is a group of current American University students who support LGBTQ educational programs on campus, including:

* Rainbow Speakers Bureau
* Queer Talk Conversations and Peer Advising
* Coming Out Monologues

In addition to leading the programs above, the LGBTQ Peer Educators work to continually advise and enhance all of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s LGBTQ programs and events. Selected students will receive training in leadership and social justice, with opportunities for personal and professional growth throughout the year. 

The time commitment will be a minimum of one weekend training, 2 additional meetings, and sitting on 1-3 panels per semester. 

We are currently accepting applications for LGBTQ Peer Educators. Applications are due by September 11th, 2016. There will be a training for all LGBTQ Peer Educators on Saturday, September 24th, 2016.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Matt Bruno, CDI's Coordinator of LGBTQ Programming.