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LGBTQ Current Student Information

American University prides itself in being an affirming place for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, & queer community and its allies. Throughout your time here at AU, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs/events/services geared towards the LGBTQ community and those interested in LGBTQ issues.

Fall Mixer 2012

Getting Involved & Finding Community

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion offers many ways for students to get involved with LGBTQ programs/events/services on campus and off campus:

Trans Resource Guide

Are you trans or looking for trans resources on campus? The Center for Diversity & Inclusion has created a Trans Resource Guide that includes current campus policies, information on how to change your name in the different systems across campus, and provides additional resources.

Programming & Events

Looking for LGBTQ specific programming? The Center for Diversity & inclusion hosts a number of events and workshops that focus on the LGBTQ community:

We also co-sponsor and sponsor one-time events throughout the year. Check out the full Center for Diversity and Inclusion calendar to stay up to date with everything we do or sign up for our newsletter!

Put your event on the heritage month list of events

Throughout the year, the AU community celebrates various heritage and history months. CDI collects a listing of events for each month and makes the list publicly available for all to see. If you would like to add your event to one or multiple of the heritage or history months, click the link below.

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What to connect with a current LGBTQ student?

Have questions about your LGBTQ identity and want to talk with another student? Looking for more information about LGBTQ life at AU? Join our Spectrum Project!

More info on Spectrum

Housing Options for LGBTQ Students

dorm housing south side of campus

American University offers a variety of housing options for every student, including some open gender housing options.

What are my options?