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Center for Diversity & Inclusion

About Emerging Scholars Peer Educators

Peer Educators work to ensure the following outcomes:

  • To help students develop new strategies and skills for college-level course-work;
  • To motivate students to set goals for personal, professional, and academic achievements;
  • To empower students by familiarizing them to AU’s resources and learn how to use them when needed;  
  • To educate students on the role of faculty, class etiquette, and the various fields of studies;
  • To assist students in developing networking skills and help them begin to identify individuals that will be a part of their network of support at AU.

The Peer Educator Profile

Typically, a Peer Educator is either a junior or senior; however, sophomores with an exceptional academic profile and excellent recommendations have the opportunity to apply. Peer Educators should maintain a solid 3.2 cumulative grade point average and must be enrolled full-time either on the undergraduate or graduate level. Additionally, Peer Educators will work with up to five students for the program.

Roles & Duties of a Peer Educator

  • The primary role of the Peer Educator is to support their student scholars as they go through their first year at AU by advising students on a variety of issues as well as identifying opportunities for growth and achievement for each scholar;
  • Peer Educators will be required to formally check in with their student scholars bi-weekly and submit appropriate paperwork for outlining student scholar progress;  
  • Professional development time is held once a month for 2-3 hours, and Peer Educators are required to attend these workshops. This time is designed to further develop a peer educator’s skill sets and enhance their areas of development.

This year's Peer Educators

Come back in August to read more about this year's fantastic Peer Educators!