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Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Requesting a Presentation

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is dedicated to educating the campus community the following topics:

  • Intersections of identity
  • Ally development
  • Social justice on the college campus
  • LGBT, first-generation, multicultural, women's, and gender equity issues
  • Creating Inclusive Communities

If you would like to request a presentation, workshop, or training for your office or student organization, please e-mail us at The e-mail should contain your dates and times of availability, the subject or topic area that you would like us to cover, number of participants, your contact information, and any other characteristics that would be helpful for a presenter to know about your group. All requests need to have a minimum of 10 participants and be requests at least two weeks in advance of the required date.

If we are unable to facilitate the session, we will use our network to connect you with someone who would best meet the desired goals of the program.

Tiffany Speaks addressing the Class of 2012 at the MA Senior Pinning and Reception