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Are you a current or prospective student who has questions about the university, LGBTQA life on campus, or life in the city?

Want to talk through LGBTQ topics?

Would you like to hear a student’s perspective?

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion offers an advisor program to LGBTQA current students, prospective first-year students, and transfer students. Through this program, we match up interested people with current AU students for an honest look at American University and campus life. The benefit of the program is that advisees are able to get a candid view of campus through their communication with their advisor - there are no "canned" responses. Whether you have questions about being "out" on campus, LGBTQ resources in the area, or have general questions about LGBTQ topics, participants will be able to engage in dialogue with their Spectrum Advisor once they fill out the below request form. If you have questions about the program or would like to become a Spectrum Advisor, please contact our Coordinator of LGBTQ Programming.

Please fill out the form below to request a Spectrum Advisor!

This is the email address in which you would like to be contacted by the Spectrum Outreach Coordinator and your Spectrum Advisor.

Please tell us what (if anything) you specifically want to matched by; in other words, what is the most important thing that you want to have in common with your advisor. We will do our best to meet this request, but please keep in mind that our advisors are volunteers, so we will not always be able to match you based on this.

This refers to the pronouns you want us to use in reference to you.

For prospective students only, this is the semester and year in which you plan to start college.

For current students only, please tell us what year in school you are (1st year, sophomore, etc.).

Please share as much as you'd like regarding your identity - this can include your gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, etc.

Share some of your interests and hobbies with us, especially those you'd like to continue doing in college.


Quotes from Advisees

“It was great to get an insider's point of view. Also, my advisor seemed very sincere; she didn’t seem like she was hired as a recruiter for the school. Her answers were honest opinions of the school as a student.” -Nor, Spectrum Program 2011

“Most of the schools I am looking have some sort of LGBT section in their website, but they tend to be very impersonal, and for the most part unhelpful. I found that this experience which enabled me to talk to someone my own age about specific questions was very beneficial. My advisor did a great job answering all of my questions in great detail, and in a very friendly and personal way.”  -Noah, Spectrum Program 2011

“Among other things, seeing firsthand all of the support for the LGBT community at AU definitely influenced my decision to attend the university!” –Andrew, Class of 2016

“Although I had always known that AU has great support systems/resources, I was unsure about the actual social life of gay and lesbian students. The Spectrum Project was a great way to get an honest, first-hand account of what life is like for GLBT students at AU. This perspective was extremely helpful.” -Meghan, Class of 2016

"Spectrum was helpful to me because not only did it allow me to get a personalized tour of AU’s campus, but my advisor addressed a lot of my concerns regarding being a queer student. It was honestly good for me, and allowed me some peace of mind before coming to school. -Heather, Class of 2013.

"After coming out in high school, I knew that whatever college I attended would have to be focused on creating a safe space for queer students. Forming a relationship with my Spectrum Advisor was critical in choosing AU as a place to learn and live to my fullest potential as a queer student. Through Spectrum I was able to ask questions about GLBTQ life on campus and in DC, and received candid and helpful responses." -Matthew, Class of 2012.