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CIVITAS - CIVILITY at American University

What is the mission of CIVITAS?

The mission of the CIVITAS campaign is to heighten our awareness of the relationship between our personal conduct and the quality of campus life.

What is Civility?

"Civility’s defining characteristic is its ties to city and society. The word derives from the Latin civitas, which means city, especially in the sense of civic community,” says author P.M Forni in his book Choosing Civility: The Twenty Five Rules of Considerate Conduct. Another Latin word for city is urbs, which refers to the physical structures or buildings that make up a city. "While buildings and roads make up our physical city or campus, people and relationships make up our community."

Civility @ AU


In the Fall of 2003, The Office of Campus Life launched the CIVITAS campaign to encourage civility and responsible citizenship in the AU community.

More on Civility

Civility in the Classroom


The CIVITAS campaign was awarded the Platinum Best of Show from The Aurora Awards in 2005, for the "Civility in the Classroom" educational video.

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