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Counseling Center

Meet the Staff

Traci Callandrillo

Traci Callandrillo, Ph.D., Director

Doctorate: University of Kansas.

Special interests: clinical supervision and training, group therapy, college student development, mental health issues in higher education, existential therapy, integrative psychotherapy approaches, stages of change models, LGBTQ issues, relationship concerns, working with men's issues in therapy, positive psychology, and white racial identity development. 

Rachel Wernicke, Ph.D.

Rachel Wernicke, Ph.D., Associate Director for Clinical Services

: American University

Special Interests: integrative psychotherapy (interpersonal and cognitive-behavioral approaches), women's mental health issues across the reproductive life span, mood and anxiety disorders, life/role transitions and identity development, grief and trauma, mindfulness-based meditation, clinical supervision and training, mental health issues in higher education.


Amanda Rahimi, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Training

Doctorate: George Mason University.

Special interests: women's issues, cultural identity development, body image and eating disorders, grief and loss, psychodynamic therapy, outreach and consultation, and clinical training. 

Ana Buenaventura

Ana Buenaventura, Psy.D., Staff Clinician

Doctorate: George Washington University.

Special interests
: psychodynamic therapy, object relations theory, trauma and recovery, multicultural issues, cultural adjustment of international students, and learning disorders. 

Keum-Hyeong Choi , Ph.D., Staff Clinician

Doctorate: Loyola University of Chicago.

Special interests: psychodynamic theory, attachment and separation-individuation, loss and grief, multicultural and women's issues.

Michael OHeron

Michael O'Heron, Ph.D., Staff Clinician

Doctorate: Ball State University

Special Interests: Psychodynamic therapy, self-psychology, emotion-focused therapy, identity related issues (e.g., ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.), cross-cultural issues, LGBTQ issues, men and masculinity issues, trauma and recovery, couple therapy and relationship issues, career development, group therapy, and clinical supervision and training.