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Group Therapy

Groups provide a caring context in which you can talk confidentially with other students who share your concerns or experiences. A group can be a wonderful source of feedback, support, good humor, and creative ideas for how to cope with personal or interpersonal challenges. Groups are confidential and are led by Counseling Center clinicians.

If you are interested in participating in a group, please contact the Counseling Center as early in the semester as you can.
Unless noted, students are required to register for groups before attending. If you have ideas for an additional group that would interest you, please let us know!

Group therapy
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Groups Offered: Fall 2015


Understanding Self & Others: Insight-oriented process groups
Do you want to express yourself better in relationships? Do you want to build stronger and more meaningful relationships? Do you feel anxious, lonely, or isolated in the midst of so many people? Do you want to make changes but are not sure how to do so? These are common experiences for many students. This group is designed to create a safe environment for students to better understand who they are, explore relationship patterns, and try different ways of relating with other people all within a safe and confidential setting. Possible topics of discussion can include trust, intimacy, anxiety, anger, sadness, and isolation.
-Group 1: Monday, 3:00-4:15 pm (Leaders: Daniel Birichi, Ph.D., Tom Lindquist)
-Group 2: Tuesday, 3:00-4:15 pm (Leaders: Traci Callandrillo, Ph.D., Rob Drinkwater)
-Group 3: Thursday, 3:00-4:15pm (Leaders: Michael O'Heron, Ph.D., Sharone Weltfreid)
-Group 4: Friday, 1:10-2:25pm (Leaders: Ana Buenaventura, Psy.D., Tyler Finklea)

Men's Group
Are you feeling the pressure to succeed, stressed all the time, or unsatisfied in your relationships? The Men's Group is designed to help men improve interpersonal relationships and increase healthy emotional coping in ways that are congruent with group members' experiences of being men. The group is a place to discuss things that are often not talked about and receive feedback and support from other men. Common concerns include relationship difficulties, esteem, confidence, problematic substance use, anger, isolation, avoidance, and many others. The group is welcoming of men who are diverse across all social identities.
-Monday, 1:10-2:25 pm (Leaders: Jason Hacker, Ph.D., Rob Drinkwater)

Sexual Assault Survivors Group
This group will provide an opportunity for survivors of sexual assault to support one another as they work together to increase their understanding and coping with the effects of trauma. Group members can decide together the most meaningful focus for the group and care will be taken in deciding when and whether to discuss specific traumas more directly. Possible topics of discussion include: exploring how traumatic experiences can impact your sense of safety, trust, self-esteem and relationships;the physiological effects of trauma, including disrupted sleep and/or concentration;understanding feelings such as guilt, shame and anger;emotion regulation and self-care;connection and relationship building.
-Friday, 3:00-4:15 pm (Leaders: Aprille Frett, Psy.D.)

Stress Management Group
Stress is unavoidable in life, however, we can learn how to better cope and manage the stressors we face. During this 8-session group, members will learn how to recognize signs of stress, and how to reduce stress through learning a variety of skills including: relaxation and visualization exercises, mindfulness/ meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, music and other cognitive coping strategies.
-Wednesday, 3:00-4:15 pm (Leaders: Rachel Wernicke, Ph.D., Tyler Finklea)


International Students: Toward a Global Self
This group is for international students who wish to understand their experiences in a new culture and build communication skills in academic and social situations. The group provides information as well as an opportunity to discuss cultural adjustment, communication styles, relationship issues, and career/future plans.
-Tuesday, 10:30-11:45 am (Leader: Keum Choi, Ph.D.–Contact group leader at to sign up)

Relaxation for Mind and Body (Drop-in Group)
Give your mind and body a break -- come join us for a 45 minute relaxation group. This group will engage in variety of techniques and exercises each week that are intended to quiet the mind and release tension in the body. These include: guided meditations, mindfulness and visualization exercises, and a series of easy stretches to name a few. No intake or ongoing counseling required. Come to one session or come every week. It is up to you.
-Time TBD (Leader: Ana Buenaventura, Psy.D., –No registration required, just show up!, location subject to change)