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Internship: Typical Schedule

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Typical Activities per Week

The overview of hours below is intended to provide you with a general sense of how you may be spending your hours during a given week on internship. Please note that schedules fluctuate depending on the rhythm of the academic year. As such, deviations from this schedule may occur, particularly during the summer and winter breaks.


Direct Contact: 16.5-18 hours
10 Individual Therapy
3.0 Scheduled Intake Assessment Hours (this increases during summer months)
2.0 Emergency /Walk-in Intake Assessment Hours
1.5 Group #1
1.5 Group #2 (one semester)

Additional Clinical Activities: 1.5-2.5 hours

1-2 Supervision of Extern (one supervisee when doing two groups)
.5 Outreach /consultation

Training: 11.5 –13.5 hours

Supervision Received: 5.5 –6 hours

2.0   Individual Supervision of Individual Therapy Clients
1.0   Psychotherapy Group Supervision
1.0   Intern Case Consultation (3x a month)
.5-1   Supervision on Group (individual format, typically only September-early May, one hour during the semester in which intern is co-leading two groups)
1.0   Supervision of Supervision (small group format)


1.0   Cultural Competencies Seminar
1.0   Group Seminar
1.0   Outreach and Consultation Seminar
.5   Counseling Center Clinical Issues (fall) and Professional Issues (spring) Seminar
.5   Training Director Meeting (alternates with Clinical/Professional Issues Seminar)
1.5   Staff Development Seminar (2x/month)
2.0   Professional Development Group (with travel)

Administrative and Record Keeping

1.0   Staff Meeting
2.0   Case Assignment Meeting
4/5 Record Keeping, other administration

Total of on-site hours per week: 40 hours

Additionally, interns are to devote 4 hours to professional reading or research each week, onsite or offsite. These hours will be tallied into your internship hour total for the year.