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  • Counseling Center
    Fax: 202-885-1397
    Mary Graydon, Room 214

    Mon and Thurs: 9am-6pm
    Tues, Wed, and Fri: 9am-5pm

    Summer hours: M-F 9am-5pm

    Closed Saturday and Sunday

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Meet the Counseling Center Staff

Senior Staff:
Amy Bowers, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Outreach and Consultation
Traci Callandrillo, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Training (note: on leave during 08-09 AY)
Sabrina Carrie Crawford, Psy.D., Staff Clinician
Keum Choi, Ph.D., Staff Clinician
Wanda Collins, Ph.D., Director
Alison Howard, Psy.D., Contract Staff Clinician
Adrienne Kraft, M.S.W., Senior Clinician
Adrienne Simenhoff, M.S.W., Psy.D., Contract Staff Clinician
Rachel Somberg, Ph.D., Staff Clinician
Rachel Wernicke, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Clinical Services

Clinical Interns (2008-2009):
Tim Calvey (Chicago School of Psychology)
John Danna (Duquesne University)
Malika Kapadia (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
Seda Sümer (Georgia State University)

Adjunct Staff:

Michael Stadter.Ph.D. Intern Seminar Leader and Second-Year Practicum Supervisor
Jonathan Stillerman, Ph.D. Extern Seminar Leader
Carol Weissbrod, Ph.D. First-Year Practicum Supervisor

Administrative Staff

Marsha Shaw, Operations Manager
Tavia Harper, Senior Administrative Assistant
Kim Cadden-Gilroy, Clinical Assistant for Insurance Referrals
Sarah Godoy, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Who will I talk to when I come to the Counseling Center?

Your first appointment will be with a member of the core staff. The core counseling staff consists of licensed psychologists and social workers, and clinical trainees (advanced doctoral or post-doctoral clinical psychology students completing their licensure hours). The larger counseling staff also includes 24 graduate students at the practicum, extern, and advanced levels of clinical psychology and social work. For first appointments or ongoing counseling, care is taken to match you with a counselor whose training is at an appropriate level to help you with whatever your concerns may be. No undergraduates serve as counselors at the Center or have access to confidential information.

The counselor you meet with first will help you sort out whatever is worrying you and locate sources of support. Most students who require medication or ongoing psychological treatment will need to see a health-care provider off campus, but you are still invited to use the Counseling Center as a first stop for support, crisis management, and practical help getting connected with off-campus resources.

Please check out Frequently Asked Questions for more information.