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Dean of Students

Housing and Dining

The Housing and Dining program aims to make living and dining on campus a smooth and enjoyable process for students and parents. By offering services such as on-campus housing, off campus resources, meal plans, EagleBucks and the AU One Card program in one department, the goal is to allow students to focus on their education in and out of the classroom. The staff of Housing and Dining Programs strive to create meaningful student experiences in the residence halls and off-campus while encouraging students to learn and grow together in community.

Housing Options on Campus

The American University housing page offers information on how to apply for housing, information on residence halls, their locations and resources when living on campus. The main campus is comprised of six traditional residence halls, two en suite-style living buildings and one apartment style building.


Dining Options 

There are many options when dining on campus. To find more information about our dining program please visit the dining webpage.

Off Campus Housing

Map of DC with photos of housing options.

The off-campus website offers numerous valuable information on moving off campus, the search, living off campus and moving out.

Off Campus Resources

First Year Housing Guide

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The First Year Housing Guide is a useful guide for all residential and dining needs

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Important Dates

Student Code of Conduct

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The Student Conduct Code, outlines all the policies and procedures, that are specific to student.