Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students supports student learning through programs and services that promote growth and development, communicate the values and standards of the AU community, and advocate for students' needs. The Dean of Students serves as the university's Title IX Coordinator and is responsible for the university's compliance efforts to provide a work and learning environment free of sexual harassment, sex discrimination (including pregnancy), and discriminatory harassment, including sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking.

Student Services

  • Help with personal difficulties such as hospitalization, injury, extended illness, family problems or mental health concerns that affect one's academic success. Students wishing to take a medical leave of absence must provide documentation to the Dean of Students office supporting such action, and must also meet with the Dean of Students prior to returning from a leave of absence.
  • Wellness programs and services to support responsible decision-making and healthy lifestyles.
  • Programs on important issues facing students such as alcohol and other drugs, sexual assault, body image, stress management and civility.
  • Referrals to campus resources to support academic and personal success.
  • Online resources regarding health and wellness, getting involved and living in the neighborhood.

Parent Services

  • Eagle News, an online newsletter for parents of first-year students with information on important developmental milestones, campus events and upcoming deadlines. Click here to sign-up for the newsletter.
  • Parent website containing links to helpful campus resources.
  • A single point of contact to share concerns and to learn about supportive campus resources.
  • Periodic communications regarding special campus events and issues that affect the campus community.
  • Parents Facebook page

Parents - Please read our EagleNews newsletter

If you are the parent or guardian of a first-year student at American University, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of Eagle News, a monthly online newsletter from the Office of the Dean of Students written with you in mind. In addition to alerting you to important deadlines such as the May 1 FAFSA filing and the Room Re-Selection Process, Eagle News provides suggestions for how to have those difficult conversations with your student, conversations about underage drinking, making healthy choices, and balancing academics and a social life.

Profiles gives you glimpses into the lives of AU’s extraordinary students and faculty. Special links direct you to university departments, Presidential announcements, special events, academic calendars, and Other informative sites.

If you attended Fall or spring orientation and submitted our sign-up sheet with your email address(es), you should already be receiving Eagle News. If not, sign up now for the next Eagle News edition.


Any student, faculty, staff or community member of American University may refer a case to be resolved by Student Conduct.

As a neighbor of American University, you may share information about student conduct in your neighborhood by submitting an official complaint.

Anyone submitting a complaint should use the following e-form to be as specific as possible about your concerns, and provide your name and contact information so that university officials may follow-up with you.

Submit A Complaint

Hazing Report Form

This form may be used to anonymously report hazing activity. Every member of the University community is responsible for reporting actual or suspected hazing activities to the Dean of Students office or to Public Safety as soon as possible.

View the Form

Step Up: Be more than a bystander

Step Up: Be more than a bystander

Step Up is a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that teaches how to intervene in problematic situations. Find out more and see how we Step Up at AU by following the links below.

Step Up Website