AU Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts


Volunteering Information

Greater Washington Haiti Relief Committee (GWHRC)

The Greater Washington Haiti Relief Committee is a coalition of local and international organizations developed with the support of the Haitian Embassy in Washington D.C. to streamline efforts during disaster relief. GWHRC was first convened in 2008 to respond to the series of Hurricanes that hit Haïti that year.

GWHRC is in need of volunteers who can provide services locally and in need of volunteers willing to go to Haiti to provide assistance. We are in urgent need of medical professionals able to provide aid in Haiti. We will also need engineers, teachers, and counselors in the very near future.

What does it take to register for disaster relief service?

During the on-line registration process, you will be asked to enter information regarding your skills, capabilities, and license (if applicable).

Enter the requested information making sure to include the best way to contact you, and other relevant background information.

Once you've registered, your information will only be viewed by authorized system managers.

Once I'm registered, what happens next?

You will be contacted with information updates and volunteering opportunities in response to the relief effort in Haiti.

If a decision is made to request your service, you will be contacted using the information you enter on the site. If you agree to deploy, your information will be forwarded to the appropriate officials.

To register to become a volunteer visit