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Student Health Center

Psychiatric Services Appointment Policies

When making an appointment with the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner a specific appointment time is allocated for you. The Student Health Center has a generous cancellation policy that only requires two hour cancelation notice in order to avoid a missed appointment fee of $20. If you miss your appointment or are excessively late for appointments, the ability to provide you with quality care becomes limited.

Please be aware that psychiatric services are frequently in high-demand both at American University and in Washington, DC. There can be a 2-4 week wait to get an appointment to see the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. If students miss their appointments, they not only compromise their own care, but they potentially prevent other students from getting the help and treatment that they need.

In order to best serve the needs of the AU community with the limited psychiatric services available on campus, the student health center has enacted a missed psychiatric appointment policy as follows: if a student misses two or more initial intake appointments or 3 or more follow up appointments they will no longer be able to receive psychiatric care at the SHC. In order for them to continue their treatment, they will be given a list of providers in the community with whom they can establish care. To help provide continuity of care, the psychiatric NP will be happy to discuss the student’s care with a designated community provider with whom the student has established a new therapeutic relationship, provided that the student signs a release of information for her to do so.