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After Hours Care

After Hours Care

Illnesses don’t just happen between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm. Getting sick in the middle of the night can be a scary and frustrating experience for students and adults alike. While the health center may be closed after hours, we still want to make sure that students can have urgent health questions and concerns addressed as soon as possible.

For urgent health questions or concerns after hours, we partner with two nurse advice lines and we encourage students to call them if necessary:

  • For students with the AU Student Health Insurance Plan: Call Managed Care Concepts at 866-751-2723.
  • For students who are on their own (family) Insurance Plan: Call Fonemed at 866-900-7162. This service is available to all students living on or off campus. When you call them, just tell the nurse know that you are calling from American University and she will take care of you.

The advice nurse will assess your symptoms to help you decide if you need to go to the emergency room or if you can wait to be seen by a professional in the student health center the next business day. In most cases, they will be able to give you advice regarding treatments to help you feel more comfortable until you can be seen in person.

Occasionally, the advice nurse might recommend that you go to the emergency room for a more emergent evaluation. If you live on campus and the nurse advice line recommends that you go to the Emergency Room, contact Public Safety at 202-885-3636 to get a taxi voucher good for Sibley Hospital (approx. 1 mile from campus). Once you are done with your evaluation at treatment at Sibley, the hospital will provide you with a voucher back to campus. Also, if at any time you feel that you need to be transported to the hospital by an ambulance, call Public Safety at 202-885-3636.

If you live off campus and are experiencing a true medical emergency, call 911 to get an ambulance to transport you.