2014 Fall to Spring Room Changes


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2014 Fall to Spring Room Changes


If you are interested in changing rooms for the spring semester, or are looking to fill a vacancy in your room with another resident, please read the following information carefully. These instructions serve as a guide if one of the below scenarios matches your intentions.

  • If you want to change rooms
  • If your roommate is leaving for the spring semester and you would like to identify a new roommate
    • Please note that your current roommate must have completed a housing termination form
  • If you want to live with someone who is returning from a study abroad program/leave of absence

To request another space or roommate for the spring semester, you must complete the Room Change Request Form (hard copies are available in the Housing & Dining Programs Office in Anderson Hall). Only one form is needed for all the students involved in your room change group. An example of a completed Room Change Request Form is available here. All residents affected by the requested room change must be listed on this form with all necessary information: hall and room number, name, AU ID number, the specific action of each resident to be affected by the room change, and resident initials. Incomplete forms will not be processed or approved. If additional space is needed beyond the original Form, students can download the supplemental form.

The Room Change Request Form for spring semester housing will be accepted on Tuesday, November 12th and Wednesday November 13th from 10am - 4pm in McDowell Formal Lounge in McDowell Hall.

All residents affected by the room change must come in together, as a group, with the Room Change Request Form during one of these dates/times. Students should bring their AU ID cards in addition to the completed Room Change Request Form in order to confirm that roommate requests are authorized by all individuals affected in the requested changes. Students who wish to participate but are unable to attend due to being abroad, on a leave of absence or a class commitment must complete a proxy form by noon on November 11th.

Students who have concerns about the process or communicating with current/potential roommates should speak to their Resident Assistant or Resident Director before November 12th. After the Room Change Request process concludes on November 13th, Housing & Dining Programs will not be able to accommodate room or roommate change requests until after the start of spring semester classes.

Students who select a new room for the Spring 2014 semester must check-out of their current fall housing assignment before Wednesday, December 18th at 12 noon. You will not be eligible to move into your new assignment until Spring 2014 (January 5th) at 3pm.