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Accommodations & Services


Our residence halls are among the best equipped in the metropolitan area. All rooms are carpeted and air-conditioned with in-room temperature controls. All floors are equipped with laundry, kitchen, lounge facilities, and separate communal men’s and women’s bathroom and shower facilities. Additionally, our entire campus, including the residence halls, has wireless internet connectivity for your convenience.

Residence Hall Types

Traditional Residence Hall

  • Residence halls range in size and configuration with most of the halls having rooms that are 12’ x 15’ double rooms for shared occupancy and bathroom facilities located on the same floor (with individual shower and toilet stalls).
  • Common bathroom facilities are located on each wing of each residence hall floor and are designated by gender. Each bathroom has several shower stalls, toilet stalls and sinks.
  • Single and triple rooms are available, but in limited numbers.


Centennial Suites

Centennial Hall is the only residence hall with semi-private suite living. In Centennial Hall, two double rooms share one bathroom. These bathroom facilities are not accessible from the hallway, making them available only to the guests of the rooms on either side.


Nebraska Hall Apartments

  • Nebraska Hall is the only residence hall with apartment style living. These fully furnished apartments are available in either 2, 3, or 4 single bedroom accommodations. In addition, each apartment has its own fully equipped kitchen, living room area, and bathroom.


Room and Hall Amenities

  • All residence hall facilities are fully air conditioned with in-room temperature controls.
  • Wireless internet connectivity is available in each of our residence halls. In addition, there are Ethernet ports in every residence hall room, but we do not provide Ethernet cards. International laptops may not be eligible for internet connectivity or may require additional technical support when on site.

The Office of Information Technology’s Help Desk can be reached at 202-885-2550 when on-site if assistance is needed.

  • Conference group rates include the cost of linens consisting of bed sheets, a blanket, pillow, pillowcase, towel, and washcloth for each participant. If a conference group does not wish to have linen available for participants, the cost of housing is reduced by $2.00 per person, per night.
  • Each residence hall floor has a TV social lounge and kitchenette area that can be used by conference groups; in addition, refrigerators are not provided in any of the residence hall lounges or rooms.
  • Laundry facilities are available on every residence hall floor (except Federal Hall on the Tenley Campus). Our laundry system only accepts EagleBucks payment on your Summer Guest Card. Laundry is $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry.


American University Housing Policies and Information

  • Alcohol is not permitted in any campus residence hall facility regardless of the occupant’s age. Any alcohol found in the residence halls will be removed from the premises. The Associate Director will confer with the conference group leader to determine the appropriate course of action if the alcohol policy is violated.
  • Smoking indoors is also prohibited. Smoking is allowed outside, in areas not attached to residence halls.
  • Candles/incense/open flames/BBQ grills are not allowed in any buildings on campus.
  • Hall sports are also not allowed due to the sensitivity of hallway sprinkler systems.
  • Any conference groups with minors (under 18 years of age) must provide home address and emergency contact information. Conferences must provide one adult chaperone/guardian for every seven summer conference guests under the age of 18.
  • Conferences groups are required to send a complete housing room roster to AU two weeks prior to the start of the event. We recognize that some changes may occur, but prefer to have two weeks to make sure that all of your housing needs/logistics are organized before your arrival. Please send any roster changes as they occur once you have submitted your final roster.


Tenley Campus Housing

All housing information applies to the Tenley Campus of American University, with the exception of the following:

  • The Tenley Campus is located approximately ½ mile from AU’s main campus, and is 2 blocks from the Tenleytown-American University Metro Station, on the Red Line at the corner of Wisconsin and Nebraska Avenues, NW.
  • Tenley Campus room configurations are mostly triple rooms; however, there are some double and single rooms available.
  • The Tenley Campus residence hall desk is located at the entrance to Congressional Hall, is staffed 16 hours per day and has a Campus Host on Duty after hours every night.


AU Summer Guest Cards

During your stay at American University, your Summer Guest Card is just as, if not more important than any driver’s license or photo ID and should be treated as such because of the delicate information stored in that card. Summer conference guests should carry their Summer Guest Card on them at all times and be able to produce it to American University staff when needed. Any summer conference guest who needs housing or meals at American University will be issued a Summer Guest Card which is uniquely coded for each conference attendee for five specific uses while on campus:


Access to Residence Halls

The Summer Guest Card is your pass to enter the designated residence hall where you will be staying. In order to provide additional security for the residence halls, the doors to all of our halls are locked 24 hours a day but you can swipe the magnetic stripe on your Summer Guest Card to gain entry. Your Summer Guest Card is programmed to only allow entry into your residence hall to prohibit guests from entering other buildings without permission.

  • Once you enter the building, each conference guest will be asked to show their Summer Guest Card to the staff member at the front desk to provide additional assurance that you are approved to be in that hall. We call this our "Swipe and Show" policy. Your assistance in educating your conference group about this procedure allows us to provide excellent security for your guests.


Meals in the Terrace Dining Room (TDR)

  • Once your meal numbers, dates, and times have been finalized two weeks prior to your conference start date, we will pre-code your Summer Guest Cards for all of your meals.
  • Summer Guest Cards are coded for an exact meal on an exact date. For example, if you have 100 people having dinner on June 12th, your meal card will only allow access for dinner on June 12th. Coding your cards in this manner allows you greater control of your dining invoice so that conference guests will not eat meals outside of your approved dining contract.
  • Many universities still use meal tickets for their dining services, but the Summer Guest Card allows us to use current technology to better meet your needs without stuffing nametags and registration envelopes with colored quarter sheets of paper!


EagleBucks Declining Balance Program

  • EagleBucks are a convenient, cashless way to pay on and off campus at the area's most popular businesses. A pre-paid, stored value account that is part of your Summer Guest Card, the EagleBucks program has you covered with whatever you need, 24 hours a day.
  • EagleBucks are accepted at all on campus vendors and retail stores, including the Terrace Dining Room and the Tenley Café.

Click here to see a complete listing of all on-campus locations where you can use EagleBucks.

  • EagleBucks are also accepted at a variety of off campus vendors in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, DC.

Click here to see a complete listing of all off-campus locations where you can use EagleBucks.

  • EagleBucks are required for all laundry machines in the residence halls. Coin machines are not available.
  • EagleBucks can be added to your Summer Guest Card in several ways:


1. Add funds to each conference participant's card in advance,

2. Have conference guests add money using cash at several value station locations in residence halls and Mary Graydon Center, or

3. Come to the Housing and Dining Programs office in Anderson Hall with any form of payment during weekday business hours.

  • EagleBucks can be used for printing, copying, and vending machines needs throughout campus.
  • Any EagleBucks funds left unused at the end of the conference are non-refundable to the individual guest or to the conference group.
  • You can receive a print-out of all EagleBucks expenditures and activity in the Housing and Dining Programs office during traditional weekday business hours. If you believe that a vendor has overcharged your EagleBucks account, report your concern immediately to your Conference Manager or to the Housing and Dining Programs office for prompt follow up.


Access to the Jacobs Fitness Center

  • Summer conference guests who are approved for use of the Jacobs Fitness Center at American University will also have their access to the fitness center programmed onto their Summer Guest Card.
  • The front desk of the Jacobs Fitness Center will take your Summer Guest Card upon entry to the center and swipe your card for approval of entry.
  • All guests wishing to use the Jacobs Fitness Center must sign a liability waiver and all guests 14-17 must have signed parent/guardian consent. We prefer to have all fitness center liability forms in advance, but we will accept them at check-in. Any conference guests who do not sign the Jacobs Fitness Center liability waiver by the conclusion of conference registration will not have access to the fitness center.


Use of the AU Shuttle to and from the Tenleytown/AU Metro Station

  • One of the perks of hosting your event at American University is the free use of the AU shuttle to and from Main Campus and the Tenleytown/American University Metro Station on the Red Line of the DC metro system. When you get on the bus, the driver may ask for your AU identification and you should show him/her your Summer Guest Card.
  • If you are arriving o campus for the first time and want to use the shuttle from the Tenleytown/American University Metro Station, simply inform the driver which residence hall or campus building you would like to go to, and he/she will direct you towards the correct stop. The shuttle driver will have a summer conference schedule and can assist conference guests in finding the correct location for check-in if needed.


Troubleshooting Problems with Your Summer Guest Card

  • Your Campus Conference Manager and the residence hall front desk staff are your first and most convenient resource for addressing any problems you may experience with your Summer Guest Card.
  • If you experience problems during traditional business hours, problems can also be addressed in the Housing and Dining Programs office in Anderson Hall.
  • If a Summer Guest Card is lost, please report it as soon as possible to cancel the card so no one can use EagleBucks by contacting the residence hall front desk, the Housing and Dining Programs office, or Public Safety. A lost card can have any remaining meals or EagleBucks balance transferred to a new card.