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Housing & Dining Programs


Housing & Dining Programs
Fax: 202-885-1154
Anderson Hall, Room 130

Main Office Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm; Sat-Sun: Closed;

One Card Office Mon-Thu: 9:00 am-5:00 pm; Fri: 11:30 am-5:00 pm; Sat: 11:00 am-3:00 pm*; Sun: Closed; *Open on Saturday during academic year only, minus University holidays

Christopher Moody
Assistant Vice President for Housing & Dining Programs

Housing & Dining Programs
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-8101

Anderson Hall

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Welcome to Anderson

Hello, and welcome to Anderson Hall! The Resident Director Team Mikaela, Ethan, and Rachel are very excited to work with a vibrant community of first-year students. Here in Anderson there are general population students, the University College Living-Learning Community, and some of our transfer population. Anderson is one of the largest residence halls on campus, housing 768 beds on six floors. There are two wings per floor, north and south, which have two Resident Assistants (RA) each, totaling four student staff on each floor. Additionally, Anderson is home to the University College program that engages students outside of the classroom setting by offering weekly excursions into D.C. lead by a Program Associate (PA). With the numerous social and study spaces available throughout the building, Anderson is the perfect place for you or your student to live and learn. Feel free to reach out to Mikaela (Floors Terrace-3) or Ethan (Floors 4-6) if you need any assistance!

You can learn more about the history of Anderson Hall here.

Meet the Hall Management Team

 Mikaela Fallwell  Ethan Starkey  Rachel May

The Anderson Hall Management Team consists of two Resident Directors and one Assistant Resident Director. The Resident Directors are full-time master's level professionals who specialize in student development and college administration. Mikaela Falwell is directly responsible for floors Terrace-3 and all Resident Assistant staff alongside Ethan Starkey who is responsible for floors 4-6 and all Program Associate Staff associated with the University College Program. Together, the Resident Directors ensure smooth daily operation of Anderson Hall including room changes, facilities management, and all curricular initiatives. The Assistant Resident Director, Rachel May, works closely with the team to serve as the primary advisor of the Hall Council, and assists in the management of the terrace and 1st floor.

Room Rates & Type

Room Type


Triple Room Traditional
$3,585 per person/semester
Double Rooms Traditional
$4,804 per person/semester
Single Room Traditional
$6,140 per person/semester

 photo 7290b276-707d-4193-9fe0-4d68dfd39443_zps2fa9c915.jpg

Anderson Hall- Double Room

 photo afc96619-3231-4d55-b1c3-b9c8c00e2a87_zps9d64bd58.jpg

Anderson Hall- Triple Room

RD Contact Info

Mikaela Falwell, RD

Phone: 202-885-1380


Office: Centennial Hall- 1st Floor

Responsible for Floors Terrace-3

Ethan Starkey, RD

Phone: 202-885-1385


Office: Anderson Hall, University College Suite

Responsible for Floors 4-6

Rachel May, ARD

Phone: 202-885-6026


Office: Centennial Hall

Hall Council Advisor

Hall Environment

  • Predominantly first year students
  • Co-Ed Wings &Floors
  • Bathroom Facillities on Each Floor
  • 100% Wireless
  • Air Conditioning and Heating

Special Features

  • Central Social Lounge space in each wing: kitchen, lounge furniture, television, sink.
  • Quiet Study Rooms on each floor: Tables, chairs, white boards.
  • Laundry Rooms in each wing: Coin operated or Eagle Bucks friendly.
  • 3 large multipurpose spaces used for classrooms, study lounges, or social events.
  • Vending Machines on 1st Floor: Cash or Eagle Bucks friendly.
  • Trunk Rooms in each wing for storing empty suitcase luggage.