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Housing & Dining Programs

Fall to Spring Room Change

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Eligibility Information

Applicable Students

  • Students who currently live on campus and want to change rooms for the spring into a specific space for a roommate request.
  • Students who currently live on campus and want to change rooms for the spring but do not have a specific roommate request.
  • Students who will have a vacancy in their room for the spring and want to confirm a specific roommate request for a student to move into their vacancy.


  • The application will open during the day of November 10, 2016 through 5 p.m. on December 2, 2016.


  • A request for a specific space cannot be considered if a vacancy does not exist. Be sure the student leaving the space has submitted a Housing Agreement Termination Form.
  • This form should NOT be used for detripling requests. Information concerning the detriple process will be released the first weekend of December to those in temporary triples.
  • It is the responsibility of the resident to:
    • Notify their roommate(s) if they are leaving the room or have requested a specific student to fill a vacancy.
    • Be familiar with housing costs associated with different locations on campus.
    • Remove all of their belongings and officially check out of their fall housing assignment when they depart for Winter Break if they have been confirmed for a new room for the spring. Old fall spaces will need to be utilized for other room changes or new spring students. Additional information about this process will be issued. We do not offer on-campus storage options; however, we encourage you to reach out to the UPS store on campus for possible storage during Winter Break.
  • If you have a vacancy and do not use the form to submit a preference, Housing & Dining Programs will assume there is no request and that space will be utilized for new spring housing assignments. A new roommate notice will be issued the first week of January.
  • Please review the housing rates when considering a room change for the spring.

To request a room change or confirm a roommate request, please submit the Fall to Spring Request Form. Be sure to carefully read all details and instructions.