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Housing & Dining Programs


Housing & Dining Programs
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Christopher Moody
Assistant Vice President for Housing & Dining Programs

Housing & Dining Programs
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
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McDowell Hall

McDowell Hall

Demographics: sophomore students

Number of RAs: 7

Faculty in Residence: Dr. W. Joseph Campbell (SOC)

Special Communities: Residential Community Clusters

McDowell Hall

McDowell Hall built in 1962 and named for Bishop William Fraser McDowell , a prominent member of the Methodist church, serving as the official Bishop of Washington D.C. He was also a Trustee of American University (1916-1937) and contributed significantly to the campus community. 

Paul Barrett 'La Cunada'

McDowell Hall is home to Sophomore students. Additionally, within this community, the Residential Community Clusters are housed. Which are student initiated housing experiences that are offered apartment style experiences along the far wings of McDowell’s 3rd-6th floors. It is an apartment style suite with a shared bathroom, a common area and kitchen.

Paul Barrett 'En Serio'

Students of McDowell Hall have access to many different types of community spaces. Including, the McDowell Formal Lounge, a 1st floor study area, a computing lab and access to the Cassell Hall Fitness Center across the drive.

The building is home of 7 Resident Assistants as well as a member of the Housing & Dining Programs Faculty in Residence Program. Within McDowell Hall you will have access to the North Campus Residential Education Staff through the North Complex Office. If interested in working for the North Complex Office, please see information on student jobs at our website.

McDowell Hall underwent a full renovation in time for its 50th Anniversary held in September of 2012.

Get involved:
Interested in making a difference for the community you belong to? Like programming and event planning? Are you an activist at heart and want to get involved in being an advocate for people you serve?
Then joining the McDowell Hall Council is the organization for you.

Email for more information.