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    Anderson, Room 1st Floor Anderson

    Mon - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
    Sat 11:00am - 3:00pm
    Sun: Closed

    Moody, Christopher L
    Assistant Vice President for Housing & Dining Programs

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 Fall 2014 Move-In Information


First Year Students: Saturday, August 16 and Sunday, August 17, halls open at 9:00 am

Returning Students: Wednesday, August 20, halls open at 9:00 am

Residence Hall Room

Residence Hall Check-In Schedule

When to arrive to campus

The below move-in schedule was created to more evenly distribute the volume of freshman moving into the halls during opening weekend move-in. The staggering of move-in by floors will decrease wait times for students and their families, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the overall move-in experience for the freshman community.

9AM –11AM
Anderson –5th and 6th Floors
Hughes –4th and 5th Floors
Letts –5th and 6th Floors
Leonard –7th and 8th Floors
Roper Hall –All Floors 

11AM –1PM
Anderson –4th Floor
Hughes –2nd and 3rd Floors
Leonard –5th and 6th
Floors Letts –3rd and 4th Floors 

1PM –3PM
Anderson –3rd Floor
Clark Hall –All Floors
Hughes –2nd and 3rd Floors
Leonard –3rd and 4th Floors
Letts –1st and 2nd Floors 

3PM and Later
Anderson –All Floors (Terrace-6th)
Hughes –All Floors (2nd-5th)
Leonard –All Floors (2nd-8th)
Letts –All Floors (Terrace-6th)

5 Easy Steps to Checking In 

Paul Barrett 'La Cunada'

1. Proceed to the Front Desk (or designated check-in location) of your residence hall 

2. Give the staff member your name and a government issued photo ID. 

3. Complete all necessary information on your registration card (Cell #, e-mail, emergency contact, etc.) 

4. Read the statement on the back of the registration card, then sign and date

5. Initial that you have received your room and mailbox key

6. Once you have both your room key and mailbox key, you are finished checking in!

Fall Hours of Operation

The Housing & Dining Programs Office is located in Anderson Hall on the south side of main campus and is open year round Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm and Friday 9am-5pm.

The office will have the following extended hours during Welcome Week:

Sat. 8/16: 8am-7pm

Sun. 8/17: 9am-5pm

Mon. 8/18 - Thurs. 8/21: 9am-7pm

Fri. 8/22 - Sun. 8/24: 9am-5pm

Mon. 8/25 - Thurs. 8/28: 9am-7pm

Fri. 8/29: 9am-5pm

Important Dates

Sat. 8/16- Residence Halls Open at 9:00am for New Students

Sat. 8/16- EagleBucks Available for use beginning at 9:00am

Sat. 8/16- Mandatory Floor Meeting for First-Year Students at 10:00pm

Sun. 8/17– Meal Plans begin with dinner

Wed. 8/20- Residence Halls Open at 9:00am for Returning Students

Sun. 8/24- All Residents must be checked in (please e-mail if you will be arriving late)

Sun. 8/24–Mandatory Floor Meeting for All Residents

Mon. 8/25– Fall 2014 Classes Begin

Tues. 9/9- Meal Plan Change Deadline

Welcome Week 2014

Welcome Week BBQ 2009

Welcome Week runs from Sat. 8/16 - Fri. 8/22 and is a time for first year students to get to know our campus and each other!

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Some frequently asked questions about housing and dining on campus

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Move-In Traffic Plan Map

IMI Campus Map

Be sure to check out our Move-In Traffic Plan Map for some tips & rules when it comes to moving into your residence hall.

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