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Information about meal plans, on and off campus food options, EagleBucks, and more

Dining & Retail Options

Meal plans are available for summer interns on campus through our campus food service vendor, Aramark. Meals are available from late May to early August in the Terrace Dining Room. In addition to the dining hall, you can purchase food on campus in the Marketplace, the Eagles’s Nest (featuring Subway), and the P.O.D. (featuring Starbucks brewed coffee). Other options on main campus include Wagshal’s American Café in the Ward Building, the Davenport Coffee Lounge, and the MudBox Cafe in the Bender Library. A number of restaurants and grocery stores are within walking distance of campus or a short shuttle ride away.

EagleBucks, a prepaid, stored-value account included in your meal plan, is a convenient and cashless way to pay for services on and off-campus. As a form of payment, you'll also use your EagleBucks to operate laundry machines in the residence halls or make purchases in the American University Bookstore.

The Summer 2014 intern meal plan options and rates are as follows:

  • 50 meal block with $225.00 EagleBucks @ $850.00
  • 25 meal block with $225.00 EagleBucks @ $538.00
  • 25 meal block with $100.00 EagleBucks @ $413.00

EagleBucks Policy

EagleBucks is a prepaid, stored value account that is accessed by your Summer Guest Card. Because it is a pre-paid account, there is neither a fee nor a minimum balance. EagleBucks is an accepted form of payment for goods and services at various locations on and off-campus.

The EagleBucks account has been established for the convenience of purchasing goods and services on and off campus. It is not designed nor intended to act as a banking service. No interest will be paid or credited to balances maintained in the account, no withdrawals will be permitted, and banking and consumer lending regulations do not apply. The EagleBucks account will remain valid for the duration of your stay at American University.

The initial deposit to, or use of, your EagleBucks activates the account that binds you to the full terms and conditions of the agreement. Balances remaining on the EagleBucks summer guest card are not refundable. You may obtain your EagleBucks account balance from any of the Eagle Bucks stations by swiping the card through the reader or by visiting Housing and Dining Programs Main Office during business hours.

For more information on EagleBucks vendors, visit: