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Kay Spiritual Life Center

Methodist Tuition Remission Scholarship

Thank you for inquiring about the 50% Tuition Remission Scholarships!

As a courtesy to the Churches associated with the Pan-Methodist Commission, American University offers 50% United Methodist Ministerial Tuition Remission scholarship to dependent children of clergy under appointment and serving full-time in the following churches:

  • United Methodist
  • African Methodist Episcopal
  • African Methodist Episcopal Zion
  • Christian Methodist Episcopal
  • Union American Methodist Episcopal

The scholarship program is limited to 16 students, 4 for each class and therefore must be necessarily competitive. The following are the eligibility requirements to be accepted for the program:

  • Must be a dependent of an active ordained Pan-Methodist Commission clergy or deacon who is under appointment by the Resident Bishop, to full-time service in the Church. (Please include a copy of active appointment from a current Church Directory with the signed attached form.)
  • Up to half-tuition awards will be made as long as University funds are available.
  • Must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree program prior to reaching his/her 23rd birthday.
  • Must be registered no less than 12 credit hours minimum each semester. The student must notify immediately the Office of the University Chaplin if he/she falls below the required 12 credit hours.
  • Must show proof of his/her registration each semester to the scholarship officer in the Office of the University Chaplain.
  • Must maintain a GPA Of no less than 2.0 in a 4.0 scale each semester, as proof of academic progress toward earning his/her degree.
  • Must notify the Office of the University Chaplain upon withdrawal from the University.

Please download and fill out the scholarship application form or use our online application form to apply for the scholarship.

Thank you for your interest in this program. We award these scholarships on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage you to submit this form as soon as possible, as we award the scholarship to those who have submitted their forms early and are not the recipient of a generous scholarship package from AU.

There are also optional essay questions - they are not required, but helpful to us in the selection process. (These questions are also included in the online application form.)

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Jennifer Baron Knowles, Kay Spiritual Life Center Assistant Director at or at 202.885.3321.

Many thanks and best of luck to you as you journey through the process!