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Islam is a monotheistic religion and it is categorized as one of the Ibrahimic religions, in addition to Judaism and Christianity. The main principle of Islam is to submit to God’s supreme will. The message of Islam came through a revelation to the Prophet Mohammed (peace be on him) who was born in Makah in the year 570 BC. The first revelation came from heaven to the Profit (PBH) was in the year 610.

The Muslim’s holy book is the Quran. The Quran includes the message that the Profit has delivered to humanity. It is divided into two parts the Makin part and Madani part. The makkan part includes the spiritual aspects of Islam that focuses on the issues of creation, the relationship between God (Allah) and human being, and the hear after (the day of judgment) …etc. The Madani part includes the codes and orders of Islamic law, that focuses on the issues of marriage and divorce, heritage, and the financial/trade matters …etc.  Also, Muslims should follow The Prophet Mohammed’s teachings that are collected in his speeches and sayings.

Islam came to confirm and complete the messages that came by the other Ibrahimic religions. Thereby, according to the faith of Islam, Muslims are required to believe in the following six matters:

  1. God (Allah);
  2. The angels;  
  3. The heavenly books (the Torah and the bible). 
  4. God’s profits and messengers (PBT) from Adam to Mohammed, including Noah, Ibrahim, Moses, and Jesus and many others mentioned in the Quran and others who were not mentioned. 
  5. The day of judgment; and
  6. The destiny in its good and bad as it is determined by God.

The Islamic faith has five practical pillars that Muslim is required to perform:

  1. To testify that there is no god but God and Mohammed is his Messengers;
  2. To pray five times a day according to the following times: Dawn, noon, afternoon, evening (after sunset) and night.
  3. Fasting the month of Ramadan;
  4. Paying Charity; and
  5. Perform the pilgrimage (hajj) to Makah for each Muslim who has the physical and financial capacity, at least once a life.

Muslims nowadays count around two billion of the world population. They live in all continents. There are three main Islamic confessional groups, Muslim Sunni, Muslim Sheia (the Jafari group) and the Muslim Sheia (the Ismaili group).