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New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

Welcome to American University! The transition to college for the first time or to AU as a transfer student may be filled with a lot of questions. We recognize that this transition is a meaningful one and have designed orientation programs to welcome you into our AU family. To make sure that you hit the ground running, we recommend that you plan to attend New Student Orientation, which we call Eagle Summit.

New Student Orientation is the perfect place for you to meet other new students, learn how to get around campus, finalize your class schedule, and get an AU student ID card. You will meet current students and learn more about why they love living in Washington, DC.

Although classes do not start until August, you will have a chance to have a preview of AU college life during Eagle Summit in June and July. You will have the opportunity to stay on campus in our residence halls, eat in our Terrace Dining Room, and meet staff members from your school or college. We will also help you take care of important tasks that will make your first few weeks as a new student at AU much easier.

And, family members, we have not forgotten about you. We have planned a very thorough parent and family orientation program that runs parallel to our student orientation program. Registered participants will hear from staff members that will play key roles in shaping your student's college experience. You will build your parent network by meeting other families from around the country and the world. Our student staff will also be prepared to answer your questions and share their college experiences with you.

We are looking forward to meeting you. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about being a new student at AU. We're here to help!

Once an eagle, always an eagle,


Jennifer Johnson
Director of Orientation, Transition & Retention