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Explore DC Programs

Education and Community Building

Immersive Experience

DC is home to many neighborhoods defined by their unique history, demographics, and culture. Within these neighborhoods, organizations work to build a strong sense of community through education. Through this program, AU students will learn about education through K-12, higher education, and community level perspectives all while making connections in their new communities.

 Contact or202-885-3593 with questions about this program. Click here to view the itinerary

Service Experience 

Literacy rates among both children and adults in DC are drastically low compared to national averages. The inequities within DC Public Schools vary amongst the eight wards. You will help non-profits, advocacy groups, and teachers prepare for students to start the school year excited. Explore DC will connect you with renowned organizations in education such as Reading Partners, City Gate, and Everybody Wins DC!. From setting up classrooms to preparing materials for an arts program, you will see firsthand the impact of volunteer-based organizations on DC public education. Questions about joining us through service? Contact (202)885-1553 or email

Kogod's Capital Connections

This is your chance to
explore some of the over 400 non-profit and sustainability to focused businesses in the DMV. Through the lens of social justice, this program has you navigating the downtown metro, networking with employers and KSB alumni, jump starting your career planning with the Kogod Center for Career Development, and work shopping with Business 1.0 faculty.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

By exposing students to the surrounding neighborhoods and seat of local district government, participants will greater appreciate how AU fits into the District of Columbia as a whole, and come to better understand the struggles faced by DC leaders alike.  Click here to view the itinerary for this program!

Alumni in Action

Join the AU Alumni association as we visit several businesses and organizations led by American University alumni in the Washington, DC metro area. Topics include education (and its role in career success), communicating as a leader, and the power of networks (and especially the AU alumni network)!