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Global Human Rights, Immigration and Refugee Issues

Immersive Experience (Registration for this program has closed)

DC has been a destination for marginalized peoples to build a better life for themselves and their families. AU students will be able to identify and understand the struggles of refugees and reflect on historical trends in order to build a better foundation for newcomers in America. Students will have the opportunity to learn about diverse communities and why the U.S. is seen as a location for a new life and change. Forward thinking discussions will be prominent in understanding and reflecting on global human rights, immigration, and refugee issues. What better way to learn about human rights than in the capital of the United States? Questions? Please contact (202) 885-3395 or email

Service-based (Registration for this program has closed)

DC has historically served as a refuge for people fleeing from conflict but those who seek shelter within the district are met with many barriers to basic care. The immigrant communities that call DC home have created vibrant communities and left a distinguished mark on some DC neighborhoods. You will be able to explore different organizations, such as CARECEN and Latin American Youth Center, that advocate on the advancement of marginalized populations seeking basic human rights and acceptance. Questions about joining us through service? Contact (202)885-1553 or email