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The Transfer Success Series (TSS) will introduce you, as a transfer student, to the unique campus resources and opportunities available at American University. You will participate in a coordinated learning experience and also develop the academic and social skills necessary for your success. You will work in hands-on experiences designed to transfer what you have learned in the workshops to the classroom and beyond. The Transfer Success Series takes place on Wednesdays from 2:35-3:50, and runs for the first six weeks of the semester. Topics include (but are not limited to): careers and internships, utilizing campus resources, time management, personal budgeting, and goal setting.

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Welcome Week Programs


Welcome Week is a long-standing tradition at AU to help new students smooth their transition and introduce them to AU's extended "campus" of Washington, D.C. Filled with programs, events, and activities.

Welcome Week is also for meeting like-minded people and furthering your interests in a variety of areas, such as civics, outdoor sports, community service, and sustainability. Above all, this is a time for just plain fun. Transfer students, Welcome Week is for you too!

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