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New Student Orientation

Fee Waivers

Eagle Summit & Welcome Week:
At American University, we do not want a financial status to hinder new students from participating in our orientation programs, Eagle Summit and Welcome Week. Therefore, we offer fee waivers to students who have meet certain qualifications set forth by Financial Aid programs. Students who have less than $5,000 of estimated family contribution to their education can apply for a waiver. The waiver only covers the student's fee to participate. If family members wish to participate or if the student chooses to participate in Early Arrival programs of Eagle Summit, that fee will not be covered.

All-American Weekend:
Participation in All-American Weekend is an exciting opportunity to explore all that American University has to offer. In an effort to ensure families have an opportunity to participate fee waivers are also available. The same criteria used to determine eligibility for a fee waiver for Eagle Summit and Welcome Week will be used for All-American Weekend fee waivers. These fee waivers will only cover the cost of registration, other ticketed events occurring that weekend must be purchased separately. For a full list of events occurring that weekend, please visit the All-American Weekend website.

In order to apply, please complete the form below.

This email is where you will be notified if you received a fee wavier. Please make sure it is correct.