American University Residence Hall Association


RHA - Administrative Board


Position Description: 

  • Maintain the Constitution and By-Laws of the Residence Hall Association

  • Attend all General Assembly meetings

  • Be knowledgeable of Roberts Rules and answer any questions related to parliamentary procedure

  • Chair the three person council reviewing charges of impeachment

  • Serve as the Chair of the Board of Elections for all RHA elections

Deputy Programmer

Position Description: 

  • Assist the Vice President of Programming in their official duties

  • Assist in the planning development and execution of the Founder’s Day Ball

Deputy Programmer

Position Description: 

  • Assist in the planning, development, and successful completion of RHA programs and events

  • Assist the Vice President of Programming in designing and creating innovative advertising for RHA programs

Deputy of Social Media and Advertising

Position Description: 

  • Work with social media outlets to promote RHA events on campus

  • Assist in advertising for RHA sponsored activities

  • Keep website relevant and updated.


Position Description: 

  • The planning and management of all conference trips

  • Managing RHA’s relationship with the National Association of College and University Resident Halls, Inc.

  • Assisting in the design and creation of regional and national bids.