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American University Residence Hall Association

Training and Events  

1. Establish and assess learning outcomes for all trainings.  

2. Create and maintain a schedule of programs and events hosted by RHA, Hall Councils, and other student organizations.  

3. Host two comprehensive training sessions for General Assembly members (Fall and Spring). 

Relationships and Collaborations  

1. Promote greater outreach to student organizations through Hall Councils, joint programming, and/or advocacy efforts.  

2. Form better relationships with RAs, RDs, ARDs, and Housing and Dining through outreach and more consistent and clear communication.  

3. Enhance relations between the RHA Executive Board and the Hall Councils through increased mentoring and communication.  

4. Increase regional and national recognition and involvement through bidding, seeking regional positions, and participating in committees. 

Promotion and Branding  

1. Make more efficient use of social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as a promotional outlet by assigning posting requirements prior to events.  

2. Promote financial and legislative transparency to General Assembly and campus partners.  

3. Demonstrate consistent professionalism throughout the organization.  

4. Rebrand RHA on campus and promote the organization name and purpose to students.