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American University Residence Hall Association

  • The designated structure of the Residence Hall Association begins at the Hall Council level. Each residence hall has a Hall Council which consists of a President, Vice President of Programming, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Advocacy, two general assembly members, and assorted additional members as appointed by the Hall Council.
  • The President, Vice Presidents, and General Assembly members from each hall constitute the General Assembly, which functions as the legislative body of the Residence Hall Association. The General Assembly meets weekly to discuss residence hall issues, coordinate the efforts of the hall councils, and allocate hall discretionary funding and large grant requests. 
  • The larger Residence Hall Association is led through the Executive Board, consisting of the President, Vice President of Administration and Finance, Vice President of Advocacy and Community Coordination, Vice President of Programming, National Communications Coordinator, and Chief of Staff. The Executive Board creates and implements organization-wide advocacy initiatives, large-scale programming, manages financial policies, and coordinates activities on campus and between regional affiliates. 
  •  In addition, the Executive Board is supported by the Administrative Board, consisting of the Parliamentarian, Deputy Programmer(s), Deputy National Communications Coordinator, Social Media Deputy, and additional positions as deemed necessary by the Executive Board and chaired by the Chief of Staff.