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Conduct Council

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Conduct Council Membership

Students, faculty, and staff are invited to serve as members of the Conduct Council. The Conduct Council is a community review board comprised of faculty, staff, and students who adjudicate serious violations of the Student Conduct Code for non-academic student misconduct matters. Conduct Council members also review appeals. Training is provided and required of all Conduct Council members. Hearings usually take place in the afternoons on business days. The length of a hearing is typically 4 hours depending on the complexity and nature of the case. Time commitment is approximately two hearings per month (8-12 hours).

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NOTE: Each of the above links are PDFs and are not edit-friendly. They are intended to be printed out, filled in, and delivered to our office. If you would like to email your application to us, please first send us an email at and we will reply with a Microsoft Word document (.doc file) for you to fill out electronically.