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Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution

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Our Purpose

Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution Services adjudicates non-academic violations of the Student Conduct Code and offers free and confidential conflict resolution services, including mediation, to all members of the campus community.

Welcome to Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution Services

American University is committed to developing thoughtful, responsible people, and Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution Services plays an integral role in that commitment, promoting a high standard of ethics for the entire AU community.

Our office consists of two distinct programs, each designed to affirm our university values and serve the whole campus body. If you’re involved with an alleged violation of the Student Conduct Code, our Student Conduct staff will facilitate administrative and organizational support to resolve the issue. Also, our website allows any member of the AU community to file a complaint and find all the necessary Student Conduct forms and applications.

Our office’s second program, Conflict Resolution Services, exists to help any AU community member work through and resolve conflict. We recognize that – whether big or small – conflict is a part of life, and it provides an occasion for growth. Our trained mediators offer free mediation and conflict coaching services in a confidential environment, where discussion and mutual respect promote peaceful resolution. In addition, our volunteer opportunities advance students to become mediators themselves through training and leadership positions. If you could benefit from our conflict resolution services, feel free to call, email, or visit our office.

As members of the AU community, how we conduct ourselves makes a difference. Whether we are experiencing a conflict or choosing how we spend time outside of class, decisions we make speak to who we are and what we value. It is our hope that every decision and every response will be marked with civility and integrity.


Any student, faculty, staff or community member of American University may refer a case to be resolved by Student Conduct.

As a neighbor of American University, you may share information about student conduct in your neighborhood by submitting an official complaint.

Anyone submitting a complaint should use the following e-form to be as specific as possible about your concerns, and provide your name and contact information so that university officials may follow-up with you.

Submit A Complaint

Student Conduct Code

The Student Conduct Code, which outlines all the policies and procedures, can be found online.

View Student Conduct Code

Student Guide

Information on involvement opportunities, services to support student success, and policies related to being a student at AU

View Student Guide

Hazing Report Form

This form may be used to report hazing activity. Every member of the University community is responsible for reporting actual or suspected hazing activities to the Dean of Students office or to Public Safety as soon as possible.

View the Form

Our office is proud to be eco-certified.