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Tutoring in Our Community

Alan Edwards is making a difference as a DC reads Team Leader. Alan is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in both history and education.  He is currently working with Heads Up at Garfield Elementary in the Anacostia area. Alan has been a DC Reads tutor for the past two years and has worked as a full-time teacher for Heads Up during the summer.

“It was bar-none the most formative experience of my time at university, and I had the privilege of learning and working with some of the most incredible students and tutors around,” he said.  

Alan loves tutoring his kindergarten class and his class loves him.  He finds unique ways of teaching his students that allows them “hands on” experience.  Alan allows the students to move around the room or draw out illustrations to best match words shown to them. This keeps the kindergarteners active and engaged while learning new words.  

Alan’s dedication and commitment to the students at Garfield Elementary sets a great example for other DC Reads tutors.  

“After-school tutoring is at times a frustrating and nerve-racking job,” he shared, “but it is also a job where you get to really appreciate moments, however fleeting, of uncompromising brilliance from your students.”